Löla Le
The graphic designer
you are looking for :)
Löla Le
The graphic designer
you are looking for :)
Adobe AI, PS, ID, AE
Cinema 4D


Russian — Native speaker
English — C1 Advanced
German — B2
French — A2

Berlin, Germany

I am a multifunctional designer with 17 years of professional experience and a solid portfolio. These are my design super powers:

 — Great sense of typography, colour and composition
 — Fluency in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign
 — Print, photography and retouch skills
 — Non-digital modelling and prototyping skills
 — Basic animation, 3d and rendering skills in Adobe AfterEffects and Cinema 4D that could be developed on demand :)

I have passion for brand identities, packaging, printed and digital communications, urban environment and navigation.

As you can see I have a designer's flexibility so I can combine different disciplines, from digital images to real life objects.

If you are interested in my skills, I would love to work with you and make some cultural impact together!


I am happy to answer your questions
Location: Berlin Germany
Email: hey@leindustrial.ru